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Local Marketing Frequently Asked Questions

Why Local Marketing?

When it comes to marketing your business, it can be easy to quickly lose control of your ideas and envision a global marketing campaign that sees you target the most remote corners of the earth. While this ambition should not be discounted, it is essential not to lose sight of the potential right in front of your face. Welcome to the value of local marketing.

What Is Local Marketing?

As the name suggests, local marketing focuses on optimising your website, content and online advertising campaigns to push traffic in a specific, localised region. In particular, this can be extremely useful for companies with physical business premises as local marketing can really help to drive foot traffic to the store and encourage local people to make the most of your business product and service.

Do I Need Local Marketing?

If you are a small business or a company with a store or physical premises in your local community, local marketing could have a significant and positive impact on your business. In addition, you are likely to be one step ahead of the competition. According to research, 22% of small businesses failed to spend a single dollar on digital marketing in 2019, this means they are missing out on a vast market. Local marketing allows you to maximise the resources at your disposal free of charge, simply by attracting the attention of the people who walk past your business every day.

Why Is Local Marketing Important?

Small, local businesses always feel as though they are swimming against the tide. Major, national companies will always have bigger marketing budgets, more competitive campaigns and a far wider reach.

In order to combat this, small businesses need to think smart and this means taking full advantage of the customers on your own doorstep, the people physically located in the proximity of your business.
In addition, working with the local community allows companies to build close, personal relationships with their customers and this is far more likely to lead to an intimate and long lasting connection which can really prove invaluable to your business. Providers are likely to feel they have a more substantial duty of care, working locally means you will often have the chance to recognise your customers and client by sight and name and being part of the local community leads into broader social responsibilities.

How To Make The Most Of Local Marketing?

Using local SEO and local marketing cam totally transform your business and potential profits and doesn’t have to cost you the earth. Any marketing agency will highlight the importance of good SEO techniques but few can deliver what they promise. At Dream Life Marketing we are totally transparent with our SEO input and the results that we achieve for you.

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Use Your Keywords

Whether focusing on local SEO or operating on a wider basis, keywords are the core of optimisation. This is where your USP really comes into play, make a list of all the potential keywords which could be used to describe your business, including the name of the town, city and region. These can be included in every possible location of the website. For example the content of your site, any FAQ’s, product descriptions, services descriptions and the home page.

Make The Most Of Mobile

If your business is not already set up for mobile, make this a key priority. Any local SEO packages will emphasise the importance of this and for good reason. Research shows that 74% of all searches occur via a mobile device, meaning that you are missing out on a potentially massive customer base if you fail to make the most of this growing trend.

Use Your Resources

Links are a significant aspect of SEO and can help to get your website and brand noticed by all the right people. Make sure you are listed on the relevant directories. These links are know as citations. Social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Youtube are also important, by making your business visible you increase your chances of success.

Google My Business

No matter the size of your business, a Google My Business page is an essential asset. This allows you to optimise your landing pages, promote reviews and feedback. You can include photos and contact details to your Google My Business page. Setting it up is simple and could have a real impact to your business.

Value The Feedback

A critical aspect of your Google My Business page is customer reviews and feedback, which can make a significant difference. Start by reaching out to valued regular customers and offer them an incentive to leave a great review. Make it easy for them to review by leaving clear instructions to make the process as fast and straight forward as possible for your customers.

Local Marketing Is Simple.

Local marketing is a simple, cost effective means of boosting your business and could make a significant difference to your overall profit and customer base. With a few simple changes, you can transform your brand from obscure and forgotten into the thriving heart of your local community with a slew of loyal, local customers.

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